Fertility Journey

November 21, 2016

For a year or so, we decided to take a break from continuing the medical side of the infertility journey. Throughout this time we have been going to the Chiropractor for wellness care. We have also been seeing a Nutritionist regularly and are on supplements specific to each of our body’s needs. We have noticed improvement in our overall health, but no baby yet. We would love to begin Acupuncture in the near future – high success rate with infertility.

Within the past few months/weeks, we decided to continue with seeing our Infertility Doctor. I have an appointment scheduled for Thursday, December 8, 2016. Please pray for guidance in the next steps. Jake and I are trying to go the most natural route possible – my body does not do well on medications. We’re praying our Infertility Doctor will allow us to skip the injections step (which would typically be next), and move forward. Jake has requested a half-day personal day from school so we can go together.

I ran in to a woman on Saturday who shared about “Baby Quest” – a charity to help with the expenses of the infertility journey (AI, IUI, and Adoption). I have been researching online for grants the past few days – and cannot wait to give to these charities too!

Please pray:
– wisdom & guidance with decisions
– peace & understanding
– continued patience through all of this
– healing & comfort

Thank you in advance for all of your love, support, and prayers!


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