Infertility Products/Services

On this page, I will update different products/services we have used for our fertility journey. As we add new items to our journey, I will put them on here. Check back for more!

Chiropractic: Seek out a Principled Chiropractor in your area. Often times our body is not able to take care of itself if our spine is out of alignment. I actually started Chiropractic because of IBS and Acid Reflux, and later came to find out it is VERY successful with infertility. The Chiropractor I see has a Membership Plan – great option for unlimited care! See if there is a Membership Practice in your area! Once you become pregnant, Chiropractic becomes even more important – not only for you, but also for your growing baby! [My husband and I both see the Chiropractor regularly.]

Nutrition: Jake and I both see a Nutritionist regularly and each are on specific Nutrition plans. I would recommend finding a Nutritionist who does Nutrition Response Testing. He is able to see exactly what Jake and I each need to be taking. I have noticed a significant difference in many areas of my health. Now, I just need to get better at the eating habits!

The AVA Fertility Bracelet: The AVA Fertility Bracelet tracks your cycle! This bracelet is worn while you sleep. How simple is that?! You place it on before bed, sleep, and then sync the information to your phone in the morning. MUCH more simple than taking temps, peeing on a stick, and trying to read the color on the test strips! I am looking forward to keeping you posted on how this product works for us! We officially ordered it on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. [Takes about 4-6 weeks to ship!] Stay tuned. Follow the link for $20 OFF your Ava Bracelet.


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